Cozy Acres Greenhouses
Wholesale Annuals, Vegetables and Herbs

Welcome to the Cozy Acres Greenhouses webpage and thank you for visiting. We hope you find this information valuable about the plants we grow and the practices we use. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Since 1989, when we started with a 48' X 17' hoop house, we have grown to over 24,000 square feet of growing area.  With concrete floors throughout, we are able to move pallets and carts with ease and with an ever-growing clientele list, we have expanded the number of crops we grow and the months we grow them.

As the years roll by, the fall time allows us to clean the greenhouses and order, and take delivery, of all of our pots, trays and potting soil.  We also begin the process of ordering seeds, seedlings, liners and unrooted cuttings.  In late January, the first spring crops arrive with pansies and violas filling one 3,000 square foot greenhouse.  With each week, more and more benches are filled with transplants until March's flower shows, mid-April's pansy deliveries and then CRAZY MONTHS OF MAY and JUNE when we deliver and plant about 95% of what we grow. Finally, the summer months find us delivering our product line of Summer Jumbos where oversized blooming annuals in oversized pots are taken to area garden centers.  These are offered by Cozy Acres Greenhouses on a consignment basis and we have found it to be a win-win for all parties.  (Please contact us should you be interested in participating.)

The winter of 2016-7 brought the Maine Landscape and Nursery Association's Maine Flower Show to Portland, Maine, with many of the garden displays looking to Cozy Acres Greenhouses to supply their garden annuals and vegetables.  

In August of 2017 we expanded into saffron production.  By using bins of soil/compost media to grow our saffron corms, the fall-blooming crocus should come into flower two months later. We will update our website to share the process we have developed as well as the level of success we achieve.  Please click the "Saffron Production" tab.
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