Cozy Acres Greenhouses
Wholesale Annuals, Vegetables and Herbs

About Us

Jeff and Marianne Marstaller are the owners of Cozy Acres Greenhouses. Growing in 21,000 square feet from 2001 to 2013, Cozy Acres Greenhouses will be completing a new, organically focused greenhouse in the fall of 2013.  This new facility will be unique in that the sun will provide the power, via photovoltaic panels, and the earth will supply the heat, through a horizontal, closed-loop geothermal system.  This greenhouse will produce plants with zero emissions and may be the first of its kind.


Cozy Acres Greenhouses is focused on the wholesale production of annuals, vegetables and herbs. For nearly 25 years of growing, we have supplied area garden centers, flower shops and landscapers with the highest quality plants for resale or installation.

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